Hummel Shoes – Danish Tradition with German Roots

Shoes as a key to success. The history of the Hummel brand begins in 1923 in Hamburg. There one particular football quickly became the specialists for athletic shoes. After the production facility in the war was completely destroyed, the company finds advanced a new home first on the lower Rhine, before then from the mid-70s, she moved to Denmark and its seat moved to Aarhus, the range to workout clothes and equips mainly handball teams.

The characteristic arrows featuring the Mark Hummel, are also already. While handball from niche sports to the grassroots, is also the brand Hummel known and popular. Not only at the sport to wear the comfortable and especially stylish sneaker, they established more and more leisure time.

The fashion market Hummel discovered for themselves and even today are manufactured both sports and fashion to the shoes. Whether for men, the right size and fit is women or children, Hummel for everyone. Hummel Stadil sneaker is becoming a real sales hit. Whether in the high winter version made of leather or of light canvas Edition, in all colors, shoes to trend-conscious city light the Bumblebee.

Always with the two arrows that represent so clearly the brand Hummel. But of course, Hummel has not only this is a shoe in the range. Next to an another classic as the stage, there are other models that adapt to the current trend of boat shoes and be removed from the classic sneaker to the.