How to Wear Summer Shoes

Women are used to the constant changes in the field of fashion trends, which arise each season. And there are so many that we don’t always get along, we may feel kind of lost without knowing exactly where the trend bet.

Wear Summer Shoes

Well, the winter is already beckoning, giving bye-bye, and the spring is already rising and the joy of women who love looks very feminine and delicate, the slippers promise to continue in high!

And, let’s face it, they are the perfect choice for the days that begin and end with fresh high temperatures, although are also in the main collections of the summer, with fresh and practical models, the hottest season of the year.

Without doubt, get out, get station and still a sneaker footwear that can not miss in our closet, and fool who thinks the sneakers are just basic footwear, she promises that come replete with versatility and full of color and creativity to match all the looks of the summer.

As with pointy shoes remain among the trends and bets for the season of heat, the shoes also appear in that format, which is great for the legs, ensuring a slimmer long torso.
In fact, there’s no piece of clothing which does not combine with a shoe, which, in addition to women, beautiful, they are also super comfortable and fit optimally at the foot, being relevant options both for work and for use at night.

In addition to comfort, practicality is another considerable factor, without many mysteries, just put, is that friend for all the time, only now, with status of shoe for the night too, looks more sophisticated.

The summer sneakers come with more modern, flat flexible models, with pointy tips.

Some risk to a strip on the heel, almost resembling a sandal, but keeping the main feature of a sneaker.

And, of course, to follow the fashion trends for this summer, they arise with ethnic patterns or animal print, colour, stripes, with mix of textures or metallized details.
Tips for using sneakers without making mistakes:
Pointy slippers: are the darlings of the season, and dog food mixed with sophistication. The colored models are great for work looks, because they mix the seriousness of fine tip with the joy of summer colors.
The sneakers are super easy to combine, because, practically, match it with skinny pants and skirts of all styles, but mainly the midi. For those who like to bet on short dresses, the pointy shoes are also a good option.

Rounded shoes: super delicate, you look sweet and feminine with dresses free compounds, flower, shorts and skirts.

As some models appear in bolder colors like silver and gold, they also fall well with classic jeans and t-shirt.

Now just choose the model that suits you.

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