How to Wear Boots over Knee or above Knee?

If you remember last winter’s fashion, you’re sure to remember the boot over the knee, above the knee or cuissarde. And the good news is that this item promises to continue as trend for this winter, and if you still do not have the footwear, it’s time to invest in such a piece. And do not miss the choice, we separate incredible tips from models and looks to overwhelm the look of cold days.

What is the difference between the knee over the knee and the knee?

  • Over the knee: the literal translation for the term would be “on the knee,” and that is exactly what the footwear model means.The boot extends to above the knee.
  • Above the knee: with the Portuguese term it is already clear that it is exactly the same as the previous model;That is, it is only a variation of nomenclature and not of model.
  • Cuissarde: The term refers to a model that goes a little beyond being just above the knee, and extends down the thigh.This type of boot is also known as 7/8 boot, since it covers most of the leg.

Over the Knee Boots Models and Tips:


Leather models are usually the most well-known among the long-barreled boots.The material is wild for several looks, and leaves the production sexy;As well as being a timeless material that can be used by many other winters.

The leather over the knee boot can be in various shades such as black, caramel and beige. And the price varies greatly depending on the brand, but if you do not want to spend a lot and still want an environmentally friendly solution, you can opt for models that mimic leather.


The suede finish is trend this year, and could not be better suited for winter.The material has a very interesting finish, and can be used both during the day and at night.Style and color can vary greatly, and this allows for a huge range of suede over-the-knee boot models.

The only caveat for anyone planning to purchase a model above the knee is in relation to rain, since the material is not compatible with wet and wet days, as it absorbs water.

High heels

Over-the-knee boot models are already beautiful on their own, and because they extend down the leg, but winter fashion can still be more powerful and enhance the look with a high-heeled option.

The type of jump can vary widely and range from the thin and high options, to the block type, which are usually more comfortable.

And in addition to valuing and making the look sexy, the high heels are still a good ally for the underdogs to abuse the boot over the knee or cuissarde. The jump besides guaranteeing a few centimeters more, still helps to lengthen the legs and so it values ​​the small ones.

No jump

For those who do not give up a comfortable look and style, you can bet on the models of boot over the knee without a jump.

The low versions, although very comfortable, ask for some care for the small women, who can even bet on these versions above the knee and cuissardes without heels, but should opt for a look that is balanced and other tricks that help stretch the body.


Even those who are in love with the model mount can surrender the boot over the knee that follows this style.The model with low heels is super comfortable, and allows to combine with different looks, which can vary from dresses to classic legging.In addition to varying in look, there is still a variety in the choice of model that can be in various materials and colors.

How to Wear Boot Above the Knee – Looks:

With skirt

The skirt over-the-knee skirt look is always a great choice. The combination of the shorter garment helps to lengthen the legs and makes it a good choice to give the impression a little more height.

Fleeing from the traditional-colored models, the bet for the leathery boot was in a shade of gray; Same color that defines the whole look. On the feet, the shoes have a suede finish, while the leather skirt and the knit blouse give textures different to the look, and make a mix super interesting.

For this look the proposal was for wearing a white leather flare skirt . On the feet, the boot above the knee has a thin beak and maintains the black look of the skirt, stretching the body and lengthening the legs.

With dress

And it’s not because the days are colder, it’s not worth leaving the women’s look, so the bet on boot is incredible. The long barrel of the boot over the knee replaces a pair of pants and keeps the legs warm.

For this proposal the idea was to unite trends, such as the boot over the knee with the plaid print of the dress. And to complete the look of winter, it is worth wearing a top with belt on top, in order to value the waist and leave the pieces more tight to the body.

Better than being fashionable, it’s being fashionable by spending little. And that is the proposal of the look. Enjoy that summer dress, which has lighter fabric and printed to make up the look. The proposal is great for fresh days so you can enjoy the clothes all year round.

With pants

If you’re a chilly type or love the looks with pants, you can also invest in the combination with the boot over the knee or cuissarde. And the main tip in this production is to choose a model of pants more justinha, so that it does not marking in the boot.

The look with jeans is a classic and looks super cool with the boot above the knee.In this proposal, the idea was to wear lighter pants with black boot, and in the rest of the look, the blazer with scarf make the combination more elegant.

In addition to jeans, another classic piece is legging and because it is more tight it does not have the risk of “emboling” inside the boot.For a more tidy production, choose a fabric that goes beyond the mesh, like leather leegging that greatly enhances the look.


For production of shorts with over the knee boots, it is possible to follow several styles, and what will determine this is the shorts model and the rest of the production. But we’ll advance that you can take advantage of all the shorts you have in the closet, from the jeans to the models of other fabrics.

In this proposal of look, the bet was by the model of short jeans destroyed that leaves the look stripped, but is balanced by the combination of boot over the knee of suede with knit sweater.

Light blue pouch adds color to the look

The focus on the monochrome look is basic and always charming! And in this case the look all black, was made with the asymmetrical short, and wool sweater. The non-heeled footwear model only completes the comfortable look and values ​​the composition.

Now that you’ve seen that the trend of the over-knee, over-knee or cuissarde boot is going to hold for another winter, it’s time to imagine the productions and wait for the cold days to arrive soon.