How to Wear Ankle Boots

The ankle boots have become an essential footwear in each season. They can be the perfect choice for different seasons of the year: in autumn, winter and spring… And, unlike boots, only covering the foot and ankle, so they are much more fresh and light than if they take low boots.

Women's Ankle Boots

We can find ankle boots of different styles, from ankle boots with laces, zippers, buckles or elastic bands that make it more comfortable when it comes to slipping on the loot. The options are endless: square, or thin-heeled wedge booties or platforms and flat boots. This season, the trend is in patent leather, suede and skins fantasy of crocodile or animal print with a wide range of colours, among which we highlight the black, taupe and the marsala.

But the safest bet is, without doubt, find a comfortable and lightweight boots, with or without platform. It must be borne in mind that this style of shoe covers completely the foot and a poor choice could press it and suffer scratches. The use of quality materials and fine skin allowing perspiration is essential for this type of footwear.


The boots are very versatile. We can use them on different occasions, both in formal events and more colloquial situations. Depending on how combine you it, we can get a look more or less casual. It is quintessential for our footwear every day. An authentic working girl used boots to go to work or attend meetings. But they are also the perfect choice for our free time: family meals, dinners with friends and go shopping.

The ankle boots are great with cigarette pants tucked inside or straight-cut, but we will try to avoid more wide or campaign trousers. For this combination a coat of three/quarters from InternetAges will make the look very current!

Another option to take ankle boots is to combine them with skirts or dresses of cutting midi or above the knee, creating a more elegant style. If we are going to carry a bounty of dark tones, it is recommended to use thick socks that we will achieve an effect of lengthening the leg. Alternatively, if we are committed to a loot in earth tones, it will be more natural if we take the legs exposed. But eye, not never combine a dark booty with transparent tights since it gives a feeling of legs shorter.

Here, we show two ideas to combine your ankle boots e go comfortable and elegant at the same time: