How to Use Oxford Shoes, Moccasin and Loafer

Oxford shoes, moccasins and loafers are old acquaintances of the male wardrobe and have appeared increasingly in female Collections. This fall-winter 2016 will be no different! One of the trends in high for next season’s shoes will be the style known as “boyish”.See below, the power that the female Oxford and loafer moccasin gives looks!

Oxford, Moccasin and Loafer Female Make up the Boyish Style

For those not familiar, the boyish style is on the rise and is one of the most present on the catwalks of the world. Referencing the male style, the boyish has strong traits with enough dose of femininity.That’s right! He became popular because of the mixture of masculinizados with delicate strokes, forming a natural, modern and unique visual.

And that’s precisely why shoes like women’s, Oxford and loafer moccasin are increasingly being inserted into the women’s authentic and modern looks. With a more basic and other more delicate, boyish style is ready! In addition to extremely comfortable, creates a lovely contrast.

Meet the Trend That’S Here to Stay

And for those who still think that these templates are very masculine, need to know the female version of the shoes. With floral prints, bright and rich in details, Oxford, moccasin and loafer came back and this time to stay.

To break the male personality, the ideal is to combine these models of shoe with good parts for women. They can compose with delicate and romantic looks, like floral prints, dresses or skirts evasê.Also look great with skinny jeans, shorts jeans destroyed with or without tights and of course, with tailoring. Vintage accessories are also great to finish the looks: scarves, belts, handbags, etc.!

They can be used during the day, for a modern and comfortable style. Or overnight, depositing much charm to looks.

Looks Versatile, Feminine and Stylish

These shoes make in versatility, since they combine with various types of clothing and are suitable for virtually all types of environments according to

With various colors, prints, fabrics and cuts, worth having a template for each. In addition, they are the face of the autumn-winter, since it can be used with Pantyhose on colder days or even nothing, on cooler days.

Women’s loafer shoes, Oxford and loafers are great substitutes for sneakers, giving a more updated production. So, what are you waiting for to buy and destroy in your new station?

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