How to Survive The Heels One New Year’s Eve More?

Becomes the night’s end of year and surely many of you are already thinking in the feared shoes. We assume that in New year’s Eve You must always wear heels, since any styling is much more sophisticated with a little heel. But How to survive the high heels?

Never use shoes


It is one of the basic rules. It is not the same brand new outfit that footwear. Choose a pair of shoes you already have , the must have black lounge, that you’ve already worn them on occasion, and if you finally decide that they are new, get them at home on many occasions. The foot has to go to the new model and know all its tricks.

Rooms or with platform pumps

The trend in shoes are the tip, i.e., platforms have practically stopped be, specifically, the exaggerated platforms. But many proposals of stilettos come with one Mini platform view or internal, i.e. that it is not. The pumps as the image with gold heels from New Look are also very elegant. A very good choice because the heel is not so high and the foot is more comfortable.

Ideal are the very uploaded pumps heel, by way of booty, like these from Vince Camuto.

Ankle boots with short dress

If the look that you are going to look at the night of new year’s Eve is a mini-dress, you do not compliques and wears boots. The foot is more collected and therefore will feel more comfortable. Punta booties or ankle they are stylish and perfect for a long night.

  • Booty with Golden detail of Lodi
  • Loot from satin Garnet of Zara
  • Spoils of glitter’s Zara
  • Booty view platform of Ursula Mascaro

Pura Lopez

As you can see in the pictures, the variety of booties is immense. With details of hair, touch metallic, glitter… proposed suitable and comfortable to be able to look with a party look.

Ankle boots peep – toe

Look Cuple

If you want the foot to go somewhat more exposed, another option in booties are the peep – toe. A beautiful pedicure in red and ready to show off feet in color of night!

Steve Madden

Sandals with SOCKS

Already is that aesthetically it is not the most sophisticated, but they are necessary to prevent chafing. If lights socks with sandals, that they are not very low-cut. A wide strips or with covered vamp sandals are perfect for the occasion. This red dress we saw yesterday is ideal with this style of sandals. If you bet black pantyhose you choose by colour or metallized, so you get more light to your outfit.

  • Black buttoned sandal of Adolfo Dominguez
  • Black sandal with gold detail of Lodi
  • Pink sandal of Jimmy Choo
  • Sandals Pura Lopez

Fashion shoes in Jezebel

  • Sophisticated with 13 party feet
  • Accommodates your feet for after parties