How to Soften the Leather Shoes

The you buy, but they hurt the feet, as soften the leather shoes? We see the different techniques.

Hard shoes can lead to annoying blisters and hardening of the skin that is definitely best avoided. Let us see how they soften the leather shoes. There are several techniques.

Il Tendiscarpe

An object a bit ‘vintage but always useful: it is a “form” of plastic or wood, adjustable, that can be slipped into the shoe and keeps it in tension for all the time in which not the wear, helping to enlarge. Remedy ancient but always good to broaden your leather shoes. In the absence of shoe trees you can try with the newspaper moistened very lightly and crumpled.

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Soften Them With a hair dryer

Just before wearing the shoes, heated points that will be too inflexible with the jet of hot air of the hair dryer according to relationshipsplus. The heat fact tends to make the skin more elastic. Careful not to use too much hot air and not get too close the hair dryer to the shoe: it could be damaged. In an emergency, the heater nozzle of your car can save you at least the beginning of an evening in a couple of awkward pump.

The Water

They say that mountain amphibians and boots should be baptized in water before you really become yours. Certainly it is a method somewhat ‘rude, but if done in the right way gives good results. First you extract any insoles and check that there are cardboard pieces (it seems absurd, but certain shoes have a kind of insole cardboard) or colored elements that could rub off on the upper. Then, dip the shoes in a heaping bowl of warm water. When they are well soaked, drain thoroughly, then fill them with rags or old crumpled socks and leave them to dry completely away from heat sources. Finally, spazzolatele and apply a nourishing and specific protective cream, to restore the original appearance of the upper.

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Lo Spray

Some stores sell a specific spray Stretcher : is sprayed on the skin, wearing shoes for a few hours (possibly wearing thicker socks than you normally use) and voila.

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The Hammer

Yes: have you ever noticed that shoemakers have the hammer? Not only serves to pound the nails, but also to give form to the skin at the time when a shoe is built. If your shoes do you come blisters behind the heel can soften them with this system: you place on a work bench a folded towel in order to cushion the blows; put the shoe perpendicular to the table, resting on the heel with toes up. Beat lightly with a small hammer or mallet on the area of the heel, from the inside, since when you feel that your skin gives just enough not to “saw off” your.

The Cream

Sometimes the shoes are hard simply because the upper is dry and withered: nurture it constantly with products that will keep supple.

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