How to Prevent Foot Blisters

The blisters are the classic dark shadow that falls inexorably on spring shoes. Unfortunately they are extremely annoying, often painful and, not least, unpleasant infection sources.Runners who know something and have to reckon with this problem all year. The rest of the people, however, he finds himself fighting against bubbles on the feet when it decides to remove socks and bring to the open or summer shoes. Why do they form? The reasons are manifold. Surely the rubbing with the shoe does not help. Consider that in the summer the feet, with the heat, they tend to swell a little bit (at all) and this obviously causes friction.Sometimes they are also formed when we wear socks, especially if not properly absorb sweat or have been going badly. Guilt can be a shoe not fastened properly, too narrow, a material (such as plastic) just soft, that promotes sweating and a warm humid environment in contact with skin.

What to do?

The blisters should not be ignored and simply covered with a plaster, they may become infected or bleed. In the case of breakage of the bubbles could in fact take over a bacterial infection. You must then disinfect the area, apply an antibiotic pomatina and change shoes. Surely, though, the best treatment is prevention.

For those runs … use a paper tape

This is an absolute novelty, and also seems to be a very low cost solution. According to a new US study, published in the scientific journal Sports Medicine, the best way to avoid blisters is to apply before you rush to a medical paper tape. You can easily buy at the pharmacy for a few Euros. The applied in sensitive areas such as the heel, the instep, the little toe or big toe. The bladder does not completely eliminate risk, but reduces it by 70 percent. Obviously we must be very careful how you apply.

Choose socks wisely. Take your shoes without socks is always a risk, it should then put them even if it’s hot. The cotton socks unfortunately favor blisters because they do not absorb sweat and favor a wet foot. Better then the nylon stockings. If you do not go to the office, but to run, try the wicking socks, or of merino wool lightweight models. They are extremely breathable and also perfect for athletes.

Double the socks. If you just show your nylon stocking you do not like, or you can put two pairs of socks or insert the knee under the sock. Yes, you have to choose between the hot and the blisters.

Use absorbent powders and creams. It is the classic remedy of the grandmother, but it works. A bit ‘of talc or powder of rice starch or corn on the foot or the shoe can absorb the moisture of the sweat. If not, apply a little ‘Vaseline on the feet. It may not seem great, but will make the skin almost waterproof for a few hours.

Buy the right shoes. In the summer, always considered that the foot tends to swell, so when you are in doubt about a half number or you have the feeling that are gripping a bit ‘too, were wide.Do not make the reasoning: so go wild. If you runners, you’d better go in technical shops where the first to recommend the type of shoe analyze your walk and your points of support according to the posture. For all further eye to the material: your shoes should be breathable. Better to leather, Technical fibers or fabrics, plastics (PVC, gel, etc.).

Being well hydrated. Blisters are also a symptom you sweat a lot, you should drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Because? To prevent irritation, even the hidden ones.