How to Choose the Right Sports Shoes

Which model sports shoes are best for you? Experts say that 25% of athletes good results are due to the proper selection of shoes. If you have difficulty in choosing the right pair is before you go to the market to take into account the particularities of his leg. The length of the foot normally varies greatly, but its structure is limited to a few types:

– Fallen vault (or as people called him flat-footed). In this case, no foot arch between the thumb and heel, while footprint is all over.

– High vault. Here there is a clear arc between the toe and heel. The imprint of this type of stage is very hollow inside.

– Neutral type. This is the best option. When it is normal curvature, not more than 2.5 cm.

How to Choose the Right Sports Shoes

Once you understand what type is our step, we must learn to discern and sports shoes to select the most suitable for our form of legs, as well as sports that practice. Here are the main species that are on the market:

– Sneakers that control movement. They are hard, quite persistent and keep feet in the right position. Select this type of sports sneakers if you have fallen vault or wearing orthopedic insoles.

– Trainers for cross-country. This type of sports shoes offer the best traction, stability and sustainability. They are quite suitable for excursions, also in cold and wet weather, when the shoe should have good traction.How to Choose the Right Sports Shoes 1

– Trainers. In front are typically slightly wider than this they are extremely light, with a thin sole, not thicker than 4-8 mm, which allows free movement of the foot when running.

– Standard model sneakers. These shoes are suitable for people of normal physique and standard type or platform for everyday use, fitness, running in the park and more.

– Lightweight training sneakers. These are the lightest models designed for intense workouts and competitions. Suitable for people who have problems in the feet, as well as active athletes.How to Choose the Right Sports Shoes 2

How do we determine when we need new athletic shoes? It is advisable to plan the purchase of sneakers before very old to wear. It is also good pair of running to change when traveling 600- 1100 km depending on the way of running, weight and surface on which you move. The other option is to purchase two models, thus you will always have a backup. Alternating shoes gives rest to his feet, and will use them much longer.How to Choose the Right Sports Shoes 3