How Look The Ugly Shoes? Them We Contribute Ideas

If you can’t beat’em, join it. This sentence I have very present in my day to day, at least in fashionable terms. And it is that early season I see one trend that horrifies me and as months pass and I’m seeing it (which catchy summer song) just succumbing to her. If you happened to the tendency of the ugly shoes: here are ideas to combine them! And it is to day, since we already know that it is a shoe that triumphs (although we deny them).

With short skirts and shirts (or blouses), jeans shorts and t-shirts cotton or mini-dresses. But they all share in common a factor: are of straight and simple lines (worse) to give centre stage to the feet.

Will you giving?

Photos | Over the rainbow, Harper & Harley, Fashiontoast Camille

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