Home, “Fashion” Home. The House of Tamara Mellon, Queen of The Stiletto Heel.

There are many places where one would like to live, remote places where adventure insperadas, closets of it girls who have no qualms about buying the same model in 3 colours, Juicy Couture as one protagonist more campaigns… and in the House of Tamara Mellon.

Discover it in the Harpers Bazaar It has been falling surrendered to his feet of Jimmy Choo. And it is that the creator of the now iconic footwear firm and formerly Publisher of fashion magazines, has exquisite taste and that we can well associated with making for the feet of women who stepped on the red carpet.

The lounge or one of the lounges? One is not very clear but I love its color and style combinations.

Yes, what you can see after the body of the Mellon are pictures of snakes. And in front, a bag “ to take away ” from McDonalds.

My corner and favorite image. Super the idea of creating a phrase to our liking with neon lights.

And another corner of the salon in gold, lime green, Brown & #8230;.