Högl Presents Goretex Boots to the Oktoberfest

The Oktoberfest is very special, because certainly, it is the largest fair in the world and a meeting point for people from all over the world. Here goes, will not only celebrate and have fun, but also see and be seen. A jaunty Dirndl is essential for it in the free State of course-there are locals and Americans agree almost.
But only with Dirndl joyful and eventful Oktoberfest appearance is still not guaranteed. Often there is a lack of the footwear. A shoe is the next in the wrong style too high, the other to classic. For fashion-conscious Oktoberfest visitors there is now a possibility that sums up exactly the right properties of Oktoberfest of shoe: the Högl Gore-Tex boots.

Traditional design in a new guise
The Högl Gore-Tex boots sit by the design on the shoes on, who contributed to the garb of fashion-conscious people decades ago. This means that the shoe is so typical Bavarian style. Through his simple brown color can be combined to many different Dirndl and breaks up skilfully in the outfit a. Red laces are a special splash of colour, which gives the shoe and the entire sight that certain something. Shoes from the home of Högl, inspired by outdoor rustic is the shoe and research. He is!

Looking for quality
No matter, whether you want to dance with the shoe on the tables or insecure makes just the roller coaster, the shoe will be a pleasant accompaniment. High-quality materials reveal the opportunity to spend many solemn oktoberfests shoes-no matter whether or not there was a beer shower. Just mentioned the wearer must fear that in any case, because the shoes are completely waterproof. Also breathable these are shoes, special party which allows for carefree dancing in the Bavarian beer tents. The leather shoe is absolutely easily to clean.

Sing long after of Oktoberfest parties, passionate “Angels” and wild smooching attacks on German beer can experience carefree in the company of this shoe. This “always carefree companion” since the last Oktoberfest season in well-stocked shoe shops and on the Internet can be purchased for 150 euro. Fashionable, comfortable and practical at the same time-the Högl shoes prove that this challenge with flying colors is to master.