High Heels Were for Men in the Beginning

It May Seem Like A Lie, But The Truth Is That High-Heeled Shoes Were Your Beginning Male Feet And For The Sake Of Comfort And Not Of Sensuality.

The high-heeled shoes are one of the most shoes linked to femininity. Used by most women, they transmit power and unmatched posturing. Although they can be quite uncomfortable, the truth is that there are women who still don’t dispense, if only by centimeters more than end up winning with them. But, despite all this, you know that high heels were created for men.

Although it may seem a lie, the truth is that the shoes with heels were used for many years in the Middle East by Persian Knights, to ensure more stability whenever needed to ride a horse.

At the end of the 16TH century, the heels came to Europe as a symbol of masculinity and that’s why King Louis XIV was one of his biggest fans, maybe even because of your very small stature. Another of the curiosities about the King and his shoes were the color used on the sole and heel, a red pigment which demonstrate wealth and power. As these shoes could only be used by the King, later began to develop his early forgeries.

Approximately in 1630, women began to adopt these shoes in your life, because they started to become more masculine and some androgynous. As differentiation over time, the male shoes began to become more robust, while the women have become more thin and elongated.

After some time, the men stopped wearing heels and shoes these days, they are intended only to women.