Great Designer Shoes That I Would Love to Wear Day in, Day Also

  • I ask me! I get it also! Those? Put them in the bag.

So begins my favorite dream, when get the EuroMillions and it enters a temporary madness in full Big Apple and I start to buy all the shoes that are incurred and for having. I think not very fan of Sexo en Nueva York, (but there is something that I have clear: want to have a closet zapatero /y) as of Carrie Bradshaw in the film. And in it to add each week mythical great designer shoes.

And it is there Some models that much passing seasons are at foot of Canyon. Pity about the price: they become unattainable and very few lucky ones can dress your feet with models so.

Which would be the first models to enter in my collection? The cut out of Balenciaga, Susanna booties of Chloé or the Dicker’s Isabel Marant they are an example.

Although there is always room for the Valentino Rockstud. No matter what heel height occur, or what color dress, they will always be perfect.

Do some of what I regret not buying? The Chanel sandals. I’ve been to many times and at the end I have desisted. They are only a mere Charlie espadrilles. that’s what my mind tells me whenever I see them in unrelated to my feet. Yes, they are only a mere espadrilles but oh! What beautiful are.

¿What shoes You añadiríais to the list?

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