Forget The Converse to Stroll through London, Lady Gaga Prefers “Simple” Coats and High Heels

Starting from the basis that the life of a world star Lady Gaga has nothing to do with the rest of us is something vital. Who has not taken a Converse All Star to walk the streets of London have you ever? Comfortable shoes and light clothes which however Lady Gaga prefer to leave parked in her dressing room. She “walks” by London prefers heels and a pretty low-cut coat, in the December.

I imagine that in order the New York-based singer the ride is by car, stopping at places that you want to discover, yet I see unnecessary to slipping on heels of this magnitude. And as it is not too cold in the British capital she chose a black leggings and over a coat of Red buckled with a simple snap at the height of the stomach of Christopher Kane and orange rays. And if the look seemed simple to you, she complemented it with a glasses blues and oranges of the more sober.