Flatform: How to Use the Most Stylish Shoe!

The flatform is the shoe of the time–a plataforma one-piece, often with the sole tratorada, has won the head of the fashionistas on duty and I’m sure you already thought about using! Some people love or hate, but you can’t deny that the flatforms have style and plenty of power to transform your looks! Historically, the flatforms are inspired by the “chopines“–very popular shoes between the 15th and 14TH centuries that measured up to 20 cm heel–guess what?!

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For running away from the obvious, requires a well thought-out production–from the more sober and basic looks the most fun–it is necessary to combine the pieces and join all your personal style. Remembering that, not because it’s super trendy that you need to use, like I always say: it depends on your style!

In the SPFW was one of the shoes of the moment—seen in nearly every runway, next to the boots, which will also hit the 2016 winter. The interesting thing is to see that in the case of Patricia Viera, for example, she joined the platform with the mid-cut and the result was pretty good and I’d definitely urbano–! The versions of Ronaldo Fraga and Juliana Jabour are nice and easy to adapt to in the summer looks – in place of the Sandals you can bet closed versions with too much or too little jump-looks great according to HISTORYAAH.COM!

In the streetstyle see the impact of the walkways in the streets, it’s always easier to join a trend when we know that more people are using. Separated three looks of “ordinary people” for you to inspire and bet on flatform already this summer: can be all black so I don’t have error–put your legs out that footwear is not so in evidence.

Already the idea is to draw attention to the feet, skinny pants is a great ally–you can combine with cropped tops to a sport, if visual cool Valley the denim jacket or sweater warm to complement the production. Now that you’ve learned how to use, tell me something:

Are you going to bet?

Photos: Reproduction

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