Flat Shoes for the Party to the Nachshoppen

High shoes are elegant, give us a more beautiful body and give each outfit that certain something.  Yes, all this applies to high heels-but this does not mean that flat shoes do exactly the opposite. Because even beyond an extra high heel, your look can radiate-and even without quite aching football.

Guaranteed pain-free through the pre-Christmas days and also by the festivities comes with these flat high-heel alternatives. Even sneakers are included in our selection, since these are now ready to be worn out. In order to keep it quite casual, we have selected beautiful models with glitter and metallic. Apart from booties to Schnürballerina are all kinds with small or no sales. The party season can come!

What flat shoes are suitable for even more chic occasions?

Shoes with heel are chic and elegant and a must-wear for special occasions? This is not the only truth. Because even Budapest, Loafer or even sneakers can be a great companion in an elegant setting. To return to the initial question, which flat alternatives are suitable for special occasions: 2016 there are no fashion taboos! Depending on the type and styling, sneakers can be combined with the elegant dress. If you are not yet quite familiar with this style break, the inexhaustible model selection also offers great alternatives. There is, for example, the possibility to choose Loafer with plateau. Or even kitten heels are chic with small Pfennigabsatz.

Which flat shoe is suitable for everyday use?

The choice of the perfect shoe is very complex. In particular, if he is to fulfill several purposes. Because if you want to wear your model not only for a certain occasion, but also in the office and in everyday life, you should consider the following: It should be simple, elegantly cut, weatherproof and color neutral. We recommend Loafer for an all-around-happy shoe. They always fit in the morning and can be worn in the morning before the Christmas party without risk for painful feet in the office.