Fixed But Informal, Rita Ora Combines Work with Heels Monkeys

We definitely like to much more Rita Ora cycling through the Big Apple in meshes and crop top fluorescent than this other Rita wearing what appears to the reinterpretation of a work overalls full of pockets and zippers to game with a patent leather pink salons with a stiletto heel 12 cm how little!!

Two days ago, New Yorkers were able to return to see Rita wandering the streets of his city wearing this outfit designed by Mirko Fontana y Diego Marquez, Creative Italian firm with French name “Au jour le jour” founded in 2010 than if it is characterized by something is by its versatility and irony. The dress in question is an outpost of their next collection.

Original proposals, which use extremely characteristic tissues in pastel colors mixed with other vibrant and brightness, which are giving back to the world lucidas by celebrities and fashion icons.

A aesthetics that seems to have fun trying to tell a story inspired in people on the street, in his way of expressing is free and spontaneous although not suitable for all tastes!