Finest Wedding Shoes

Your wedding day you will have to take care of every detail, so while watching the wedding dresses stop also to reflect well on wedding shoes.

The wrong choice of your shoes can really ruin your day: If you’re not accustomed to 12 heel avoid buy stilts or you risk dropping (and finish perhaps directed at Paperissima Sprint!) or to have foot pain throughout the day!

It is also true that if you bring walking shoes with you still have to contend with the height of your future husband: do not think too much about yourself then realising too late that, hairstyle , you’re taller than him! It’s not cute, especially for the photo effect!
Among the most popular wedding shoes we LOVE: each shoe is custom made satin fabric and in various colors, and is embellished with Swarovski crystals, flowers or straps.

In Milan we instead DIY wedding footwear made by weddingsupplychain, fashion ateliers that creates particular wedding shoe ivory satin, white Suede, grace always embellished with chains, rhinestones and crystals.
Penrose serves many kinds of shoes, Sandals for summer weddings at dècolleteè, with the possibility of matching suspenders, stockings and pantyhose.

Some helpful tips: don’t be persuaded to buy shoes from who sells wedding dress; gorgeous shoes are often at much lower cost in other workshop or special stores, while those who sell the suit will try to make you pay far more; but above all, try the shoes a few days earlier, at home, even simply turning from one room to another, so you can arrive better prepared and you have no fear the sore feet secured the day of the fateful Yes!