Fashion Summer Sandals 2016

What will be the trendy sandals for this summer? In view of the balances, we give you some tips on the most fashion models that should not miss in your wardrobe.

Warm, perfect pedicures, dress fluttering… is finally time sandals!
With heels or low shot, colored or plain, signed or not logo, the important thing is to show her bare foot.
Always Perfect for the aperitif on the beach or in the office, discover with us the trends for summer just arrived. And, in view of the balances, take note.

Large or small, it does not matter, the important thing is that there are. Dedicated to romantic souls.

Heel 12
His elegance, the heel 12. Let’s face it, it is often an uncomfortable sandalwood and even more often risk your ankles, but how good it is?

The laces become a graphic, wrap around ankle drawing each time different figures. The sandals with laces are intended, however, preferably thin ankles.

‘m definitely comfortable, even if you risk the “walk to duck” effect. Choose them with at least a couple of centimeters of heel, or use them for beach parties.

The studs have a hard trend to go! Select the studded sandals to defuse a look a bit ‘too etiquette: bad like.

The wedges give a few centimeters, are comfortable and are perfect for both the beach and in the city. It’ll just love!

If we dare not in the summer, when? Go ahead and then the strangest combinations, the fluorescent colors, the original prints.

Gold, silver, copper and bronze: metallic colors look great with a tan. And the designers they settle. See Gucci Jewelry Barefoot Sandals here.

An evergreen! The glitter are always good, from Christmas in August. One caution: moderation with accessories.

The slave
they are very sexy, if you have long legs and thin. Otherwise, the mortadella effect is assured. Before putting on a good look in the mirror.