Fall Booties Are Zara, Do You Not Even The Have?

Zara is Zara, that is something that we have to start to assume, since If Zara speaks the rest they shut up, and we buy, clear. Last year we live a remarkable boom, and all thanks to some booties with tongue, front strip and chunky heel that is walked by all the width and length of the blogosphere, and this year the low-cost fashion chain have not thought it is or twice and has launched Another new loot-it.

It has a roll Chelsea boot that I love, a heel similar to the model of last year which ensures comfort and more centimeters, and a price that is not bad, 59.95 EUR.

The egobloggers have succumbed to the new gimmick of the third billionaire in the world and already have your pair of patent leather booties in the closet, also not stop look at right-handed and sinister, although for now most have opted for match skirt or shorts.

These new net-celebrities seems the only one model available is black, but no, none of that, Zara has batteries and has released it in camel, although for now it seems that this has not proliferated as expected, but time to time.