Doors: Raffle High Heels by Cazabat

Solange Knowles, Sharon Stone, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mary Kate Olsen, Hilary Duff, Elizabeth Banks, Cameron Diaz and Alicia Keys are already fans. By Jean-Michel Cazabat. Frenchman who makes shoes.

We had already presented the charming gentleman 2009 here, at that time for the men’s shoes. So let’s get to his ladies ‘offer. Be careful, because with us you can be convinced live and personally that all the stars have the right shoe.
We are giving away three magnifiques chaussures of Monsieur Cazabat: To win, just tell us why you need your wishing couple before Christmas. And remember:Please enter your high-heel-darling and the shoe size! The DreiCazabat heels below have a total value of just under 700 euros.
As always, the winner is determined purely subjectively. The legal redress is excluded. The raffle goes a week until December 19 at midnight.
So, what high heel are you going to be?
The pumps “Emma Monroe”in Black and gold:
The Slingback “Leonie Kid”made of suede in lip Stiftrot:
The plateau-Slingback “Zaire” in Night Black:
And so that no lawsuits come after that, we’ll give up the ultimate high-heels-tips of the Kreateurs on top of it:
According to weddinginfashion, Monsieur Cazabat, is there a trick for woman to stöckelt on high heels as elegant as a star on the red carpet?
JMC: “This is simply a matter of balance. Keep the body upright! And move the arms as soft as possible to keep the balance while walking. “
How many shoes does a woman mininum?
JMC: “A pair of pumps, high heel Slingbacks, flat sandals, ballerinas and a pair of sneakers. Best of all, it has several models from every basic pair – so you can fit the different outfits from your wardrobe! “
How do you find out if the shoes really fit?
JMC:”When the shoes press – Hands off! And don’t listen to the saleswoman who says the shoes are still going to give in and get even wider. If you do, the shoes lose their fit! And I hate that! “
How to protect yourself from blisters in new shoes..?
JMC:”A new couple in the evening for one or two hours at home wear. The next day for three hours. Then a day break. It is also important: never wear shoes for two days in a row! “
Have fun.