Dakota Winter: Collections, Tips

Winter is coming and when it comes to cold, we can choose several shoe models to compose our looks, leaving us even more beautiful, for the winter, the trend is that people get more charming, because the composition of parts. Dakota is a brand well known in the world of footwear and every year brings a new collection for all seasons of the year and in that year the Dakota winter 2017 prepared beautiful shoes for use this winter and all detached and clear following fashion. To learn more about the shoes, check out the news.

Footwear collection Dakota winter 2017

The official website of the Dakota, the new 2017 models are already available and promise to make the greatest success at the feet of women who search for something different, for something that matches the modern lifestyle that lead. Just below we can check out one of the new models of the Dakota who is a ankle boots in a shade of Brown, back to the caramel and with fringes on the sides and the zipper that is an accessory that gives a special charm of the footwear. This model of shoe of the Dakota can be found in various colors, but all in a more neutral tone.

The short-barreled booties are also an option for those who wish to walk pretty and fashionable this winter. The models already made success last year and came back with all this year. Dakota brings several models of short-barreled boots, but we selected this model to give more details. It’s a Bootie that appears to be ecological leather, suede has these details in gold that leave the shoes even more elegant and great for those who like to be different, cool according to Extrareference. This Bootie can be found in other colors, other shades of Brown and darker colors, but all neutral colors.

The pumps are also models used a lot in the winter and Dakota has prepared a beautiful line of heel. As in winter the trend is moving in dark clothes, the Dakota created colorful models of pumps to “break” a little black, Brown, the darker colors of clothes. The pumps of the Dakota came with the colors black, pink, blue, yellow and Brown and the best thing is that these models may also be used in the summer with shorts, skirts and dresses.

Where to find Dakota shoes

Dakota line shoes can be found at partner stores. For those who want to buy online, you can access the site of Marisa, catwalk, Dafiti, Katy, Zattini, Becker, Vizzent, Oscar, Zahra. For those who want to buy in physical stores, you can access the site of Dakota our site/colecao/ and see the store closest to you and even more models from the collection.