Collection Pretty Ballerinas Spring/Summer 2011: Style without Heels

Who said that you can’t have style without heels? Another season, Pretty Ballerinas delights us with a collection Spring-summer 2011 loaded with innovative and original designs.

The dancers more time it, in particular a firm created by the Menorcan designer Jaime Mascaro, they have crossed our borders and already look them celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer or Kylie Minogue.

This summer collection we can find different models, adapted to the different styles of fashion this summer.

Sailor’s style


The Nautical line is inspired in the French Riviera and Grace Kelly, in his wonderful sailors looks and incredible French chic style.

So Pretty has could not help create two models: one classic in maritime blue and White Stripes adorned with a Ribbon style yacht mooring. And another more elegant thin blue stripes, embellished with a frayed detail of flowers.

There are also gap for smooth models in dark blue, so combined with white and Red garments.

Different models


There is also romance in footwear. Model Gloria pink flowery, carved into delicate roses on a background of satin with subtle nude petals, is a unique piece. An original design whose price is 139 euros.

The Pink bat It is fashion. That is why there are several designs within the collection Pink: soft pony adorned with polka dots (cover image); embellished Satin with a rose carefully frayed; or with details of feathers.

The most daring dancers


The print of Leopard, fashionable this season, or the Zebra print are two designs, suitable only for the most daring. Combine them with looks denim or plain dresses.

Rosario wedding present is carved white napa created to be drawn and customized to your liking. Accompanied by three permanent marker pens to design the most amusing dancer. The firm has created it especially for brides and Stag Hen Parties, so you can have an unforgettable model.

It is also available for the smallest House.

Smooth models


Smooth tones they are the easiest to combine. Yellow is inspired by a group of Gyaru (girls from Tokyo dressed in bright yellow colors). There are different creations in patent leather, suede, napa, Python… any material is good into the world yellow.

White is ideal summer color and there is nothing that combine best with tanned legs. So, PrettyBallerinas has played with all materials found in a sea of white pure, broken, combined and mixed… Pony, Python, nubuck, suede, napa… An oasis away from color. It is the line Almost white.

To look at night


The line drive It’s perfect to wear at night, especially for summer evenings. In honor of these magical nights, the international firm has created some special designs ideal to accompany you on this type of travel. Dancers with hundreds of hand-sewn sequins and glitter bright, ideal to combine with gauzy white dresses in the purest Mediterranean style.