Cloned and Plundered: The More Exact Clone of The Ugly Giambattista Valli’s Shoes

Exact. The clone of today is precisely and who tell me that it is more than four differences lies! I’ve failed to find more than one and has me speechless. Perhaps all dislike the ugly shoes, but I already I’ve fallen in love with them, and it is that like the guys ugly but sexy, I like this type of footwear. and Giambattista Valli It wasn’t, so it presented this trend in his shoes Spring-summer 2014.

With two buckles and studs in the sole, designer presented his version, what weeks later signing Spanish One step further He threw his clone. But clone in all rule and in capital letters: the result is nailed. Keep what color? Available in white, black or camel and my all I like!

Shall you fall into the temptation of this types of footwear?