Clone of The Stilettos of Balenciaga, in Mango

The most desired shoes of the season, Yes, tri-colored stilettos from Balenciaga from his collection for autumn-winter 2008 / 2009, You can find them at Mango, in version much cheaper and quite gotten into what it should be.

The clones are clones, and as says a proverb and somewhat outdated “ nobody hard four pesetas ”, but closest thing to shoes which is not semi-circular Sarah Jessica Parker or Victoria Beckham, and who, among others, also have tried Heidi Klum, or more recently, Taylor Momsen, we can get, are they offering us the Spanish chain for next summer.

The difference in price says it all: while Balenciaga’s cost a whopping 765 euros, and exist also in version loot are spectacular), the mango they can be yours for only 70 euros. And Yes, as Alejandro Sanz, “ it is not the same, different ”, but “ less da a stone ”. And I stop already with the popular sayings.