Boots For Men: A Reality Of The Current Fashion

Fashion trends with regard to men’s footwear have undergone one of their biggest transformations in recent years with the popularization of boots as part of casual and urban styles.

While boots have been an essential part of certain looksover the years, never like today had they offered such a wide range of designs to suit all tastes and also budgets. That is why in this blog post of Brantano we will talk about some possibilities and advantages of the use of boots for men, and we will also offer some tips to achieve with them a unique and modern style.


Although less and less, there are still those who mistakenly think that the use of boots is reserved exclusively for men who are engaged in construction or other tasks that require “rough use” footwear. Perhaps this false belief comes from the fact that a brand that is dedicated to the constructions decided to market its own boots.

On the other hand, it is also believed that black leather boots are intended for motorcyclists or members of certain urban tribes, such as the Gothic, the so-called darks or darketos and metal rockers. And these groups, with their predilection for the night, darkness, vampires and, in the second case, for the musical genre “metal” in its different variants (instrumental, heavy, industrial) opted for boots such as footwear Ideal to accompany his style and look like some of his idols.

Of course, it is also false that boots are only part of a Mexican style, especially in the north of the country, or ranchero, because as we will see in the next lines, the great variety of current designs away from these looks . In fact, just take a look at the catalog of Brantano to realize that although there are still existing boots and rancheras northern, the new designs are very different and are aimed at other types of customers, which is why they do not even arrive To compete in the market with the northern boots.

Different styles, but which one to choose?

The wide range of boot designs for men makes them the right shoe for a multitude of occasions and events: from breakfasts, meals and more or less formal dinners with family, friends and colleagues, to parties and even jobs that do not demand a Formal dress code (ie involving the daily use of attire), but rather casual.

As for this last area, the work, we recommend skin boots with thin designs, avoiding rough cuts. Thus, they can be combined with casual pants with slim and straight cuts, or slim , without looking too large. In contrast, when the event takes place in a more relaxed environment, whether family or friends, an excellent choice are tight jeans ( skinny or slim fit) and here you can opt for bigger or coarse boots.

There are pants designed for use with boots ( boot cut ). However, so far from the spring-summer season of 2016, its use is not a trend, because being broader from the bottom, tend to appear flared. The trend of the year, however, is marked by the aforementioned skinny pants or at least those with straight cuts .


Gone are the days when wearing boots for men was only synonymous with rudeness, since the designs were not as comfortable as they are today, and in addition it was footwear with a lot of weight that made it difficult to walk long.However, today the boots are among the options of greater comfort, because in addition to being light and made with material that makes them softer, they provide a greater support to the foot.

On the other hand, they are ideal for the rainy season because they prevent the water from reaching our feet. It is advisable that before using them for the first time, apply some waterproofing spray that makes them resistant to water and in general any liquid that spills on them. This will ensure that their useful life is prolonged and that they continue to look good for a long time.

Booties: an additional option.

Not only have men’s boots become very important in today’s fashion. The booties, whose use was popularized a few decades ago, are also back with great strength in current trends. The advantage of this type of footwear is its great versatility, as the same can be used to achieve a casual look and even semi-normal than a more daring.

Not only has hipster fashion been used to a large extent on booties, but all gentlemen looking for an alternative horse between formal and casual shoes will find this shoe an excellent choice. That’s why we recommend that you do not stop having a pair of booties in your wardrobe.

We hope this entry has been illuminating as to the advantages of wearing men’s boots. And before we say goodbye, we invite you to take a tour of the site of Brantano or one of the more than 25 branches in Mexico, so that you can see for yourself that there is a great variety of designs and styles. Whether you lean more for a casual look, hipster or even rocker and rebel, the ideal boots await you in Brantano.