Birkenstock Feminine: Tips for Using and 40 Looks!

For those who love comfortable shoes and have personality, nothing better than using Birkenstock! The feminine birkenstock is a striking, fashionable footwear and at the same time leaves your feet happier than ever. Come see our tips on how to use and sweep!

Birkenstock is a German footwear brand (click here to see the page if you are interested), but it is also the name of these fashion sandals, super comfortable and anatomical:

The main features are this anatomical cork flooring, which molds perfectly to the feet, and the leather straps that keep the footwear firm. You will find female birkenstock models in different colors and styles: black, white, sand, green, pink, silver … However, as they are already very striking, it is always easier to combine them if they are neutral in color.

Did you know that birkenstock and common papules are even recommended by doctors for whom you have certain orthopedic problems? Well it is, you will be fashionable and still ensure stability for your feet!

How to Wear Birken Sandals

It’s true that a lot of people are not sure how to use the birkenstock female and even avoid using it to not make it ugly!But do not worry, we’ll help you here.

According to fashion experts on, Birken sandals have a fashion, casual and super sports purpose.You can not go unnoticed by using these shoes.

In fact, on the streets and on the catwalks, we found birken looks of all kinds: stripped, casual, elegant and tailor-made.Here are some tips to get you started!

  • Always wear in the heat: it is the perfect footwear for hot days and relaxed walks. So, avoid using with socks – unless you’re silly at home on cool, relaxed days!
  • Birken sandals are striking, with slightly heavier sole.They are not like flip-flops and slippers.So avoid combining heavy, oversized or bulky clothing.
  • A wise tip is to wear birken with shorts and cigarrete or skinny pants .Hence you do not run the risk of fights with the pants bar and create a confusing look.

Looks with Birkenstock

Birken with jeans

This is a very easy-to-compose type of look that you can use on a day to day basis.However, as we said above, a very accurate look is with cigarette or skinny pants.Look gorgeous with ripped jeans and boyfriend pants too: fold the pants bar, as in the photos below, and create super stripped looks!

Birken with shorts

One more suggestion of perfect match for the birkenstock female: short.It can be short jeans, leather short … See how it is possible to dress with style:

Birken with overalls or little monkey

Jumpsuit is a super-practical piece to have in the closet!And it suits birkenstock a lot.See below looks super stripped to inspire you:

Birken with skirts and dresses

Did someone say birkenstock does not match skirts and dresses? Well know that it looks beautiful and you can create wonderful looks. Because birken sandals have a stronger and heavier footprint, it’s a great idea to combine them with very feminine pieces.

So, were you inspired to hang out with your binkerstock? US too! Leave your comments about this fashion trend here.