Better Orgasm with High Heels?

Good sex depends on the partner, by himself, but also on the physical condition. Now a new study shows that even high heels can have an influence on the orgasm of the woman.

The orgasm of the woman is not always self-evident. Therefore, the exciting highlight of many studies is researching what factors influence women’s climax. Recently, the influence of high heels on female orgasm has been investigated, the lifestyle page reports And lo and behold, wearing high-heeled shoes looks better for better sex.

PC muscle training with high heels for better orgasm

Head of the study, Naria Cerruto, Urologist at the University of Verona, explained that the high heels would train the pelvic floor muscles.The high heels would force women to push the pelvis forward to keep the balance.This is good for the PC muscle.”Women often have the problem that they are not doing the right pelvic exercises.The higher paragraphs could be a suitable method “, says the doctor. The pelvic floor muscles can support the orgasm of the woman during regular training or even make it possible.

Height is important

Particularly in women, who regularly wear shoes with about five-centimeter heels, the basal floor musculature is particularly pronounced, so Stiletto high heels, on the other hand, are almost ineffectual, as the level on them is not stable enough.

However, orthopaedists would advise against this type of orgasm production, since high heels would also have numerous negative, health effects, in addition to this positive effect, especially on the feet.