Best Budget Copenhagen – Orban’s

Orban’s is a new French label that sells Goodyear welted shoes for 1 400 kroons, and is predicted to be one of the big players in the financial segment shortly. Manolo has looked more closely at the mark.

Only five-six years ago cost the British quality shoe brands in the lower level of prices between SEK 1 700-2 000, which was seen as reasonable for people who didn’t try finer stitched shoes before. Today, these brands rather at 3 000 million, due to increased salaries and läderpriser at present, a strong pound. It is a far juicier amount to shell out for someone who will take the plunge and buy their first quality shoes, or for those who don’t want to spend lots of money on a pair of shoes. That is why newly established actors from elsewhere that Additionally, Jack Erwin (focus United States so far) and Velasca taking more and more land, where prices range from 1 500-2 000 dollars for a pair of Goodyear-welted or Blake/ Rapid-stitched shoes. A common feature of many of these is that, in addition to producing in cheaper countries also run on a business model but dealers, to keep down the price charged to the consumer. It usually requires a little greater investment costs if not just run over the Web but also have their own shops, and the possibility of greater proliferation decreases, but the advantage is that you can keep the price a bit lower and have full control on your own.

A new player on this plan half is French Orban’s, which was launched last fall. Just like the majority of French brands are manufactured those further South (see Portugal or Spain) where production costs are lower. What makes Orban’s especially interesting is that the man behind the brand name is Marcos Fernandez Cabezas. He has an impressive track record in the industry. With a background as a designer and in the management of Bowen and Emling, and founder of both Markowski as Septieme Largeur, he proves over and over that he can this work on establishing new strong brands.

Black chukka boots on a leather sole.

Orban’s shoes are mentioned Goodyear-welted leather sole with open channel or a custom variant of the chunkier rubber outsole. They use leather from renowned French tanneries Du Puy and D ‘ Annonay (both of which are now owned by Hermés, incidentally). Four lasts now offered initially, and no less than 80 different model variants including the various leather selections.
The price is clearly competitive. Low shoes located on over 1 400 SEK (€150). They are sold at present exclusively in their own shop in Paris or via their online shop, which, however, only available in French so far. But with Google Translate is that no major problems to place an order.
People who tried the shoes have been happy with them, and compared them with brands that cost significantly more. one should of course not expect miracles, but an affordable option to be reckoned with in the future seems to Orban’s in all cases.

Wholecut in brown hue with fine depth, which is made at a relatively elegant and neat read

Leather sole with open channel.