Be Stylish with Flat Shoes? You Can

There are days when my body asks me go with flat shoe, but I’m not high (rather short) and always me assails the same doubt will I be just as stylish with a shoe without heels? The answer is a resounding Yes, although it costs believe it. And today I We show a couple of examples to be able to realize that the flat shoe has class, style and can lead us to the top.

With jeans or suit pants, there are so many different types that surely that just finding the model that better defines us. For the every day and to go to the office with flat shoes maybe are the oxford. The weekend you can opt for something more casual, it is here where the adidas Original they can be a very good option.

What shoe you choose for the days of no fancy high heels?

Photos | Style Scrapbook, After DRK

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