Basic and Essential Parts for the Winter Closet

Everyone knows the winter clothes end up lasting a long time in the closet (if well cared for, of course!). Therefore, to invest in parts for the colder days of the year, it’s worth betting on most classic models, basic and timeless, so you can use a play for years and years and seem always in fashion! Sometimes even worth investing a little more in a sweater or a jacket, as it will last for a long time.

Let’s check out some tips on basic, comfortable and essential pieces in the wardrobe of any woman for the winter?


The shirt or chemise (more elongated model, which can even be used as dress) is super interesting in winter; mostly the models made in plaid fabrics, which give this wintry air and a rocker touch to the look. Can be used alone or superimposed to a t-shirt, making the time of a light jacket. And if the day warm up, just take off and tie at the waist. Is super cool and modern.


Time was the shirts made up looks simple and Basic. Nowadays they can appear in more elaborate productions, with MIDI skirts, leather pieces, Velvet etc. In addition, they add a fun, young and take the most sisudas and imposing of winter.

Ankle Boots:

They are the darlings of this winter and can be worn with skirts, dresses, pants and shorts. The models may vary, since without jumping up with higher jumps and nowadays you can also find theankle boots made from many different materials: suede, glitter,varnish, velvet, etc. Surely you can find a model that has to do with your style and your day to day! Click here or on the image above and check out all types of ankle boots we have available on the catwalk.


Oxford shoes have already fallen in women there are some stations and of course keep coming up in the winter! Bet on models with or without heel and combine with the various parts: skirts, dresses, pants, shorts to have a current and stylish look. One idea is to also use with Pantyhose to keep you warm even further.


He makes all the difference in the look and can leave any production look more tidy and modern at the same time. If you already have that black basicão (essential, impossible!), it’s worth investing in other colors that are neutral, but also well present: beige, caramel, Navy Blue, red, grey. The fabric and modeling has to have something to do with your profile and also with the occasion of use.


That classic that is worth investing, since it can be used at any time of the year and in many different looks and times of the day or night. The current models range from the more wholesome body until the more elongated and loose. Choose the one that most suits your style and storm!

Midi Skirt:

Is the must-have of the moment! This is that skirt that sits below the knee and let any production much more feminine and elegant! She goes well for any woman; the most skinny girls can use most wheeled models, while the more fat they could bet on evasê modeling with more trim.

Skinny Jeans:

Of course they could not be left out of this list of basic and essential for winter! In fact, they are the darlings all year! And in winter are perfect with boots since the short pipes until the over the knee. But you can still use them with sneakers, sandals, slippers, with any shoe that you want!

And you, are you ready or preparing for the colder days of the year?Make your wish list of essentials of winter and storm!