Autumn/Winter Boots by Floris Van Bommel

Cobalt, Royal Blue, or ink?, in the autumn, this is the shoe question when Floris van Bomel. Also the ‘electric blue’ 80s come back here to the men’s shoe. FLORIS-typically, a material and color mix defines the collection for the autumn/winter 2012/13, whose Eycatcher boots are in many variations and different one.

Special: Golden, roughly brushed versions that are a tribute to the California gold rush in the 1850s: “last summer I visited CA the historical Museum in Sacramento, which is dedicated to only this part of American history. One of my Lieblingsäras. And the winter boots a dedication to these exciting times at Whicheverhealth. “, so the Designer.

Overall, the collection for men shows round for women, around one hundred thirty Schuhstyles. The women’s collection focused mainly on boots and ankle boots in equestrian look, which is broken up by typical FLORIS details.

On the subject of CASUAL, grainy, masculine shapes occupy an important place. “Roughe” looks heavy crocodile prints, winter felt fabrics and geprintetem leather are the catchers.

Gentleman-like with heavy antique effect is to the DRESSED-and PREMIUM line. In addition to Krokoprints, Schlangenprints and laser effects noticed also. “A good mix brings something special, which feels the wearer not only cool, but also lifted from everyday just daily life shoes”, adds ‘The Dutch shoe dude’.

Black and dark grey have their fixed place in the more color-oriented collection, just as cognac. In addition, but also bright yellow shines in combination with a black sole and black laces.

Sneakers are an important part of the FLORIS VAN BOMMEL collection: “Although sneakers in the winter are not among the first guard in the order, it was the models, which were first sold at our local dealer last winter”, sums up Pepijn van Bommel, commercial Director.