Australian Women Wear Higher Heels

An Australian Shoe Brand Has Done Research On The High Heels That The Australian Women Wear, And Found That The Choice Of Heel Height Varies Across Regions. However, At The Global Level, The Australians Are The Women Who Like To Jump Very High

The world average is 7 centimeters, but the Australians use jumps with 8.3 centimeters.What makes Australians the women who wear the highest heels.

But the height of the jump varies according to the region where the Australian lives, according to data collected by the company Shoes of Prey, responsible for the research:

In western Australia, women like to be on the heights. Thirty-two percent opt ​​for medium jumps and 30.4% use the highest possible jumps.

-In Queensland, 29.9% choose to wear stilettos and 17.9% prefer lower heels.

-In the south of the country, women are divided: 32.2% use the middle jump and 31.1% like to use a very high jump.

-In Victoria, 31.6% opt for high heels while only 17% enjoy a smaller jump.

Only 20% of the female population in Australia chooses shallow shoes.

While around the world the trend to wear high heels is declining, in the last two years decreased from 8.9% to 8.1%, the Australians continue to prefer to walk in the clouds.