And the Obsession Continues

I told you I’m a broken record, huh? From the look of the week that I’m mulling new ways to use the artsy dress. First because, every time I look at him, I fall in love more and have more willingness to use.Second because each time I invent a new way of using it, I’m auto-desafiando me to think another way even cooler. Those who see “How I met your mother” will understand the climate:

(ok, I’m on a wave of movies and series references this week).

All this to say that: “Challenge accepted!” (or, translated: “Challenge accepted!”). Today, here I am with two more looks with my dress obsession of the moment. Has for all tastes, for all the bold, has for many occasions.

For starters, I was encasquetada to find a way to use the dress as dress, only in a different way. I had already used it with Pantyhose at the time it was chilly (who remember?), but I confess not to have been so happy with that look (I thought the contrast of wearing the half was strange). So, this time wanted to set up a more harmonious look, lighter, but at the same time, unusual, to run away from the obvious dress/slipper + neutral scholarship.

As time is a little stuffy (although permanently gray), throw a jacket over it wasn’t a choice. So, the solution was out of the box with accessories. But, see. Fix. Look closely at the world of possibilities that this phrase brings. Imagine how many ways we can follow only with this sentence: Let’s travel accessories? So, the first look of today is born of this phrase and materializes with the accessories that were there in my closet. The first that I saw and I thought it was beautiful and I joined. So let’s go get them.

How to make a all with accessories, I decided to use a criterion: picked by colors. Obvious? Maybe. But when I look at that dress, I can only think in color. So I started by shoes. And see if you don’t agree that they are made for each other:

I swear, when I thought this dress composition with these shoes felt so clever! I have a few shoes 3 years. Bought for $12 at an outlet there in New Orleans and I’ve never been able to get good use for him. And there began the wave of wear sneakers with looks less sports and I thought: Hmmm, maybe it’s a good opportunity to use the tennis that I already have in a different way according to themeparktour. Ready, okay there.

Errata: Here’s the story of tennis that was weird: I was in New Orleans with the ex-namo. He had gone to buy stuff for him at the outlet of the road, at the entrance of the city. While he looked at things, I walked around the store and ended up colliding with handsome for 12 bucks. The former namo was already in the box and I took him with Puss in boots face talking that cost the price of lunch at McDonald’s. He bought and I was pretty happy. Then, never used. Until this post here. Sorry for the confusion, people. I’m not much to mention ex-boyfriend and posted on naivety, but should have won. Anyway, that’s it!

(If you didn’t go in there and you don’t know, look at the link here)

BTW, I love when fashion comes up with some trends that help us to give new uses for what we already have.

Well, I don’t FREAK OUT accessories. Then, the shoes and the dress won one more company: maxi coral earring (Oh, and lipstick on the same pitch).

I know, it was exaggerated. But I loved in so much that you have no idea.

Porééééém, I’m a blogger very democratic. So, if you thought that was a little polluted, second … look here.

I got the same idea of the previous look (that red pants that had success there in the Face, by the way, you follow the fanpage? This here) and applied again. Only this time the pants was tailoring Navy Blue.

Was a more formal look, perfect to go to work in a calorentinho day.

The cool thing is that these pants are perfect for making this game to put the dress inside. She is dark, has a heavy fabric in the right measure and is larguinha.

Hence, all it took was a cintinho white and red heart pumps power and ready. Charming, colorful and much more discreet.

Well, I think that now, finally, I took the obsession of my system. At least until next week.