Adidas Sneakers You just Have to Own

Adidas has always been known and recognized for their formidable shoes – both when it comes to athletic shoes and shoes for everyday wear.

Adidas Sneakers You just Have to Own

My own shoes is even becoming a bit run-down, and therefore I had to make a trip on the net to watch me after a few new ones. I have still not decided completely, but there is a fairly good chance that the choice falls on one of these three pairs of sneakers from Adidas.

I am sincerely happy for their original superstar shoe, but I must also admit that their sneakers from Stan Smith-series appeals to me. Both types of shoes is, of course, in the towering quality, so it is no problem. It applies just about choosing the right design, but as most of us know it can in itself be something of an ordeal.

Stan Smith-models from Adidas is tremendously popular ranging from tennis court to the street scene. The vast majority of the shoes from Stan Smith-series is the first robust, durable and often produced in a combination of textile lining and genuine leather. So is this in place. But in addition to being quite qualitative, so seeing the hammer good out.

This Stan Smith-model is made in an overall white colour and with white laces. The shoe is additionally adorned with a sharp, dark green color on the back, which gives a nice edge to the overall design.

Adidas Stan Smith is strapon-logo on the front, back and under the shoe. lobe There must therefore be no doubt that you’ve got your fingers in a few genuine Adidas shoes in drøngod quality and a nice look.

I will be very nostalgic when I sit and write about these superstars. Superstar series dating back to the days when mobile phones was the theme in sci-fi movies, and hiphoppen was still in its infancy infant size.

Although this Super star model from Adidas is a new and modern version of the old sneakers, Adidas still managed to preserve the original look. I am very grateful for. The look speaks almost his own case, and may arguably persuade any drengerøv to put your feet in, and lace up the shoes.

The shoe is in a white color with the obligatory three black stripes on the side. In addition, the front lobe adorned with a beautiful Adidas logo in gold. Also, there is written ‘ SUPER STAR ‘ in gold on the side of the shoe, next to the three Adidas stripes.

Personally, I’m sold, and I must admit that this model probably must be said to be my absolute favorite on this list. What about you? Are you of the new or old school?

In third place we just grab a few more super delicious sneakers from Stan Smith series. This time we are talking about a few multicolored shoes in a fat army-look. The design is simple and straightforward, and yet it is made with a nice print and a lot delicious detail that doesn’t get too much.

A bold detail is, among other things. the small specks and parts of the pattern from the shoe, which continues down on the rubber sole. It looks a bit raw, but still works well and in a stylish way, in my personal opinion.

The laces are also worth noting. They are made in a black and white design, and the creeps just fine down over the shoe up from front lobe, which of course is adorned with Adidas Stan Smith-signature.

Check them out here

Did you like any of these sneakers, otherwise you would pick some completely different?