A Pair of Sandals That Will Follow Me The Rest of The Summer [The 50 Sweethearts of Summer]

Now is the summer and many of you you are on holiday (or to pinpoint start). Favorite destinations are those where the beach is the protagonist and there is a shoe that should not never fail in your suitcase: a flip-flops of removable (easy level) that are comfortable and Super.

With applications, prints eye-catching, vivid colors, designs that are beyond the typical flip flop or wedge flip-flops are some of the proposals that we are today. Do we’re going to fall in love with from? some of the ideas? We know that you for tastes…

  • Flat sandals with lion’s Miss Trish, 21,13 euros.
  • Coral tied behind Havaianas, 21,90 EUR.
  • Zebra slippers of Park Lane, 16,90 EUR.
  • Flip flops with print of birds of girl’s Marc By Marc Jacobs, 36,62 euros.
  • Black slippers with hearts Salines of Melissa, 38,03 euros.
  • Crabeater seals in peach color of Topshop, 40 euros.
  • With a little wedge of Oysho, 7,99 EUR.

Photos | Sincerely Jules

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