5 X Chelsea Boots

We had earlier this fall touched on both the classic lanyard and Chukkan here at Manolo and now it’s time for a third autumn kiss, namely Chelsean. The model is characterized mainly by the two elastic sides and the lack of snoring. This construction gives a slim and clean feel to the upper cushion and enables easy to put on and off shoe.

Although the model is extremely versatile, we think it is doing the best in more accessible contexts. In medium-brown leather or suede, the model fits perfectly with jeans, flannel, skinny and manchester pants.

We have chosen a series of versions that we all like to represent the model in a nice way.

Edward Green’s interpretation of Chelsean is called “Camden”, and is seen here in the nuance Coffee Suede in the 82st. 

5 X Chelsea Boots

The world’s perhaps most elegant Chelsea boat from Gaziano & Girling according to Pharmacylib. The model is called Burnham and comes on the chiselong TG73 read. Here in MTO design with recessed toe iron.

Australian RM Williams is one of the manufacturers most strongly associated with the model. Here in kangaroo leather with durable rubber sole. 

Alfred Sargent’s model “Belgrave” in black calf leather from their Exclusive collection.

Carmina makes a superficial and affordable Chelsea in his model 80216 that comes in Snuff suede and on the lightly chiseled Rain-read.