5 Men’s Shoes for Fall 2014

With the autumn approaching, at least for those who live in regions where the station is a well-defined, the men’s shoes are no longer so mild and pass to match better with the clothes where we see less skin and more fabric, enabling even some overlays. Below are some suggestions Channel Male shoes, and shoes for the next season:

5 Men’s Shoes for Fall 2014

Ferracini Hogan

Both the color and the texture of the leather has the style of the autumn, the soles with the white detail adds a touch of style and the seam of the spout is a good feature to insert a detail without leaving the shoe free, quite the contrary, its minimalism ensures combinations in different outfits for various occasions.

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Boot Prince

The boot model “chelsea” of the Craft Shoes Factory is a good alternative for who likes boots, but do not want to spend heat using a heavy-coturno. This kind of footwear goes well with a pair of pants in the tailor shop, a chino, or even with a jeans in a production casual fancier.

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Tennis Drop Taller

Shoes leather spotted has a visual more elaborate and this model of a Democrat is specially treated to look vintage, even with its modern design, it also has an internal hop that leaves you 6 inches taller! Your pair is jeans premium with a nice wash and detail stylish, or a pair of pants in twill in earth tones.

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Shoe Social Richards 40888

With an interesting detail known as “split toe”, the one seam that seems to split the nozzle in half, this copy of the Richards wins points for its versatility: dour enough for the work environment, accepts clothing more relaxed for a ride to the mall or a trip to the cinema with friends and/or girlfriend. Your leather is leather that darkens near the nozzle, its rubber outsole and its insole in PU to ensure comfort.

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Boot Desert Contemporary West Coast

A mix of sneakers, desert boot and boat shoe, this footwear is ideal for moments of relaxation, with an outfit as well relaxed. A denim washed well or a pant of cotton in a neutral tone are two suggestions to follow along with this footwear friendly, and if you do not like this color, there are other options available.

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