3 Things Happen When You Don’t Wear High Heels

1. The posture improves

Why do women wear pumps with dizzying heels? Because the general assumption is that they improve our attitude as there is much more care on a straight back. The fact is, however, that the pelvis tends forward through high heels, which means that pressure is exerted on the lumbar region of the spine.  As a result, the back is heavily loaded, which can lead to pain. Anyone who feels pain in straight back support will, in the course of time, unconsciously move it into other and, above all, unhealthy positions, like the typical back. If the high heels are simply left in the closet for a long time, you will notice how the back pain disappears and the back is automatically stretched back into its healthy straight posture.

2. You get bigger

“Can not be at all,” one may think of the line. Because, of course, we wear high hacks so that we can cheat a few inches of body size. However, Pumps and Co. can also do the opposite. With regular wear, the calf muscles are shortened. Researchers found this in several studies. In addition, high heels favor a backward pace, which makes them look smaller from the point of youremailverifier. So if you’re on a sneaker, give your calf musculature a realistic chance of stretching your legs, which means you can even get bigger without any tools. By the way, here are even more tips on how to look great despite flat shoes.

3. Other pain occurs

If the back pain is eliminated by the wearing of sneakers,pain in the heels could occur at the same time. This is because not only the calf muscles are shortened by the high heels, but also the Achilles tendon. Until this has become accustomed to running in shallow treads, days and sometimes even weeks may pass. After all, the muscle fibers have to get used again, to have more flexibility and scope. The pain you feel is then spread in the heel. But do not worry: body and especially feet thank you.