26 cm Heels

Twenty-six centimeters, Yes, a two in front of the six not has crept me without wanting to or you are hallucinating. In addition, this image shows it clearly. Have you seen what heels? What I say as the so stylized that it takes the foot. Would you be able to go with that? I don’t think so. I do not say that it creates that I maybe could not (that I know sure), but I think that you could not. Neither you nor anyone. In fact, I have the slight suspicion that the model in the picture is seized at a bar to have standing.

By the way, you would know tell me what designer has created this unusual model? A clue: look at the outsole. It is red. Already know, right? Of course, is the signature of Christian Louboutin. The French designer of footwear, which has just opened a store in Hollywood, you created this and other models for the exhibition “Fetish”, which can be seen in the Galerie du Passage in Paris, until 3 November.

The photographs are of David Lynch, the filmmaker who directed the first announcement in the history Gucci. Advertising to promote the new colony of the firm, Gucci by Gucci, If you have not seen, you have to do right away. It’s great.