10 X Mockasneakers

We love randsytt but at the same time that each thing has its place in the closet. A couple of classic sneakers are a natural part of the summer as the coarser broguesen is in winter. In addition to the white in leather or canvas, today we want to strike a blow for the sneakers of suede.

When it comes to sneakers for the more tailored man, there are some classic aspects to take into account. First and foremost, it is often much easier to wear models in discrete colors such as olive green, beige, blue and Brown. Shades that rarely takes too much focus away from other clothing and blends well with the rest of the closet.

In addition to color, so can the images play big role if you want to wear the shoes for a more dressy trousers or jacket. Go for a classic design with clean lines and the relatively low profile.

There is always a discussion if it’s okay to wear sneakers to the costume, and it is of course a personal taste but also it offers advice from homosociety that might be worth thinking about.

A casual suit, for example, in cotton or linen is much easier to combine with sneakers than a thin suit in s150 wool is. It is simply the contrast in appropriate to the situation, which often hampers the combination which also makes that I myself find it hard to feel comfortable in the combination sneakers and tie.

Since there are (especially during summer) plenty of opportunities to wear sneakers, which does not include costume. A few classic chinos with some higher waist, a stuffed stylish polo shirt and a pair of mockasneakers can be a perfect dress for a casual summer day.

We have selected the season’s 10 best looking mockasneakers.


A couple of my favorite sneakers come from Swedish/WINTER 2016 COLLECTIONS and have taken inspiration from classic tennis shoes but with an unconstructed structure that makes them incredibly comfortable.


A little rougher sneaker in suede from Italian premium manufacturer Buttero.


Olive sneakers by Converse Jack Purcell classic model from.


Among fashion houses may be enough to say that Lanvin is the trademark that contributed most to sneakersindustrin. The iconic model with steel toe cap in lacquer today is a modern classic that in, for example, dark blue is both sober and portable.

Harrys of London

Sneakers in dark brown suede from Harrys of London.


Adidas classic Rod Laver has lain as inspiration for a variety of modern premiumsneakers.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford as a premium player in all respects, of course, offer a lyxsneaker in suede leather of the highest quality.

New Balance

New Balance M990 popular model is produced in the United States by gap suede.

John Lobb Paris

Venerable John Lobb has since some time back even sneakers. Here in the discrete model Levah.

Common Projects Achilles

Common Projects Achilles is a modern classic when it comes to dressy sneakers. Here in a tobacco brown suede. (even the top picture)