10 Tricks to Make Comfortable High Heels

High heels are one of the most wanted accessories by women from all over the world. And maintain the elegance, the firmness and the feet free of bruises is a real science, but it can be mastered by any woman.

We have selected some tips to not get off the jump. If the League.

1-The Magic Position

If you stay too long standing and standing, put one foot in front of the other better distributes the weight of the body, allowing the knees remain stretched.In addition to good posture, this defers the uncomfortable pain that could shake your structure.

2-The Order Of The Factors Changes The Product

It is wise to step first with the heel on the floor, which is the main base for the high heel. If you screw with the sole or the fingertips the weight is not evenly distributed.

3-Buy At The Right Time

The ideal time to shop for shoes is the end of the day after a normal day your feet tend to swell, so it’s on to not get caught by surprise. But if your problem is swelling, giving Valley and down a bit with the shoe chosen to make sure that they are not coming out of your feet.

4-DIY: Comfort Shoes

If you’ve purchased shoes and then realized that they are tight, has three nice tips to extend their form:

Soak sheets of paper with alcohol and put it inside the shoe. Place and tighten to fit more. The alcohol will evaporate in no time and the paper will expand inside, leaving your shoes more comfortable.

Fill plastic bags (zip type) with water and place the bags in the shape of the shoes so that they fill the entire surface, as if they were feet. The bags should be tightened, so well filling with water and testing. Then just put your shoes in the freezer, waiting for the water turn to ice. Then remove your shoes, wait for the ice to melt a little, remove the bags and ready!.

Put thick socks, after the shoe. Pass the dryer (on hot mode) on tight for a few seconds and then continue with the socks as it cools. Test, and if you need to repeat the process.

5–Cutting The Jump

If you don’t mind down a bit, it is possible to decrease the time to have more comfort. You take a shoe store and they do the job for you. But beware, just cut a bit, or the structure of the shoe can be irregular and hurt your feet.Another solution is to buy shoes that Exchange heels.

6–Protect Your Feet

Don’t be mean, treat your feet well. For a more comfortable ride, on a daily basis or that long ballad, use lifts or silicone earpieces. They are easily found in shoe shops or houses for orthopedic products.

7–Understand Your Format

There are round feet, flat feet, feet, bunions, ingrown toenails. To circumvent all that you have to know and test the best type of shoe for you. A classic tip from experts is always buy shoes a number greater than your foot.

8-Every Jump Is A Story

There are various models and fashion increasingly encompasses this range in the same season. In addition to beautiful you need to feel comfortable, if you need more support at the base, choose the more jumps and wide squares.Mega high heels and extremely thin, as the stiletto heel, are real challenges.

9-Lubricating Always Helps, Right?

New shoes can be hard and hurt your feet. To avoid calluses and blisters rub some vaseline, or any greasy cream, feet and/or shoes, hard parts that annoy more.

10–Power Switch

In this regard democracy reigns. Give chance to the various jumps, switch the days with your shoes. This rotation in addition to leave your feet more rested, it’s still a great way to use all of your shoes, without forget them in the closet.