10 (1) Things You Didn’t Know about Sneakers

The newspaper Complex lists 101 things you didn’t know about sneakers. Good idea, we thought, and picked out the ten most interesting and funny here below:

  1. if you are sharing the model number on theNew Balance-Shoes with ten, you get the approximate selling price in dollars. (NB574 costs about $57.40, in the United States then of course).
  2. Vansstarted the whole personaliseringstrenden with sneakers. 1966 to be exact. Founder Paul Van Doren had namely individuals come to the factory with a special cloth and then get a pair of shoes made by them.
  3. the youngest (?) basketball player to ever sponsored by a shoe company should be Mark Walker, three years old.He got a contract with Reebok after his parents sent in a video where he set 18 free throws in a row.
  4. Celebrity jewelerJacob The Jeweler ornate basketball player Allen Iversons Question-sneaker with 246 pieces of diamonds. It was auctioned later out at Eastbay for $65.000.
  5. Display booths for new sneakers during athletic competitions are apparently sensitive land according to Vintagematters. Ladders into a Nike-booths with Adidas on the feet are asked to change into a pair of Nike, or go around barefoot.
  6. AllAir Jordanmodels released on Saturday. This is done so that no play truant from school to get hold of them.
  7. much will it away with in music videos, but to talk too much about a specific shoe model, one must not do.MTV, MTV2 and VH1 upholstered Nelly’s song “Air Force Ones” who didn’t get played on any of the channels as it was considered to be product placement.
  8. K-Swisshas five stripes on the shoes of a specific reason-namely that the shoes should not stretch. Thus the shape of the stripes are the shoe.
  9. the classic modelNike Cortez was originally a Asics shoe. Phil Knight worked as a salesman for Asics (then called Tiger) and when he traded company to Nike, he felt that he had contributed so much to the development of the shoe that he took with him. This led to a long dispute that ended with the 1974 that both had the right to the model but that was not allowed to use the name Asics “Cortez”. They released because if it under the name Corsairinstead. Both shoes are still available today.
  10. Converse all-starswere only in black and white until 1966 (and has been on the market since 1917).